Welcome Santas and Mrs. Clauses, from the Heart of Ohio Santas.. We are so delighted that you have shown interest in this new IBRBS chapter.

We are looking forward to providing education and training for Santas from across the state and to helping you connect with a variety of charity organizations, in addition to providing great social opportunities and times of just plain FUN!

Look for more in the coming weeks regarding the dates and times of meetings, as we begin the organizational process and start getting things rolled out.

Our Santa Goals...

Objective 1:  To foster the spirit of Christmas and the love of children by providing quality Santa services to a wide range of community service organizations, including, but not limited to, Boys and Girls Clubs, Hospitals, Scouting Groups and Churches, without regard to denomination.

Objective 2:  We pledge to maintain the Santa persona, and to be vigilant of our image at all times.

Objective 3:  We pledge to help each other in the best interest of serving children and the community.

Objective 4:  We agree to refer other member Santas for appearances we cannot accept.

Objective 5:  To respect and encourage each Santa's individual approach to being Santa.

Objective 6:  To seek to learn new skills to enhance our ability and enjoyment of being Santa.

Are you looking to hire a real bearded Santa for Christmas?

Heart of Ohio Santas is an affiliate organization with IBRBS. All of our members are IBRBS members and have a background check and insurance. Contacting one of our members will get you the best Santa and Mrs. Claus experience in Ohio.

Please check out our Santa directory to directly contact your Santa!