Interested in Membership?

Who can become a member?

Heart of Ohio Santas welcomes any naturally bearded Santa (exceptions are made for those with medically related issues) or Mrs. Claus who is a current member in good standing of IBRBS.

Both Santas and Mrs. Clauses are full members and receive all the same rights and privileges. Mrs. Clauses who wish to be included in the members directory or to vote in elections for participate in surveys need to pay a separate set of dues and complete their own application.

However, Mrs. Clauses that only work in a supporting role and do not work independently, those that do not wish to be voting members or be featured in the directory are not required to become full members, but may attend meetings, training and other events.

We require all members to have a current background check and proof of insurance.

Heart of Ohio Santas does not discriminate based on Race, Religion or Nationality.

What do I need to do to join?

Joining is easy! Start by printing a copy of the Heart of Ohio Santas Membership Application:

Complete your Membership Application for Heart of Ohio Santas and make a copy of your:

IBRBS Membership Card
Background Check
Insurance Certification

You must also Provide a current Claus photograph.

Pay an annual Membership Fee of $35

Return these things to the next meeting and that’s it. Once we’ve reviewed your application and materials you will receive your membership certificate and identification card.

Our Santa Goals...

Objective 1:  To foster the spirit of Christmas and the love of children by providing quality Santa services to a wide range of community service organizations, including, but not limited to, Boys and Girls Clubs, Hospitals, Scouting Groups and Churches, without regard to denomination.

Objective 2:  We pledge to maintain the Santa persona, and to be vigilant of our image at all times.

Objective 3:  We pledge to help each other in the best interest of serving children and the community.

Objective 4:  We agree to refer other member Santas for appearances we cannot accept.

Objective 5:  To respect and encourage each Santa's individual approach to being Santa.

Objective 6:  To seek to learn new skills to enhance our ability and enjoyment of being Santa.