Heart of Ohio Santas, Informational Meeting

Please note the changes in date and time. (Both of our local Santa groups have made changes in their meeting dates and we do not wish is to not be in conflict with their meetings.)
We are starting to get our ducks in a row in order to organize our State Chapter of IBRBS and so we are planning an informational meeting on May 6h at 12:00 A.M . This first meeting will be held at the home of Tim and Ginny Etienne, in Canal Winchester, Oh 43110 (This location is temporary until we gauge the number of participants and the locations from which you are coming. Please contact us for our street address).
A social time with be held from 11:00 until Noon. Lunch will be served, along with beverages and desserts. The meeting will begin at noon. There is no cost to attend. The only qualification is that you be a member in good standing of The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas or be willing to become one.
Since our sincere hope is to meet the needs and interests of our members, we will be holding a round table discussion to determine how we might best serve you. We will also be sharing our vision for the organization and forming a committee to begin the process of developing Bylaws for our organization.
We hope to see you there.